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Temporary Employment Application

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Terms Of Service

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Majestic Industries provides temporary employment. Upon being hired you will be assigned to one of our many locations for a temporary assignment. Assignment terms may vary from a few hours to several months. The completion of an assignment does not mean you are laid off. Whenever you're temporary assignment has been completed, please contact us as immediately and we will give you a new assignment and location as soon as possible. If we are unable to contact you using the information provided, you will be considered an absentee. Majestic Industries has the right to verify any information provided to us by any candidate applying for a position in our company. Any attempt to falsify the information given will disqualify you from being employed by Majestic Industries Inc. Majestic Industries is an equal opportunity employer.

The following rules apply to all employees, if any of these rules are broken you will be fired or, and, discharged immediately and considered insubordinate.

  1. You must call if you cannot make it to work; if you do not call and notify Majestic industries you cannot make it to work you will be fired.
  2. You may not walk off an assignment until it is completed and the client allows you to leave the job site.
  3. You may not walk off a job site (assignment) without good cause and notifying Majestic Industries Inc. first.
  4. You may not under any circumstance argue, curse, or be violent physically or mentally to anyone at the job site.
  5. You may not steal (stealing is an automatic discharge with possible criminal charges brought against you) including faking or in any way changing your time card or time sheet to reflect hours that you did not work.
  6. Leaving a job site for another job with out notifying Majestic Industries Inc. is. considered insubordination and an automatic discharge
  7. You must notify Majestic Industries Inc of any changes to your phone #, address etc. if you do not do so and we cannot get in touch with you that is considered grounds for an automatic discharge.
  8. You must notify Majestic Industries Inc. of any appointments you may-have 24 hrs before so we can make proper arrangements to replace you for that time so it does not affect our clients production or operation in any way if you do not do so that is grounds for an automatic discharge.
  9. Having any sexual relations with anyone at the job site will be an automatic discharge.
  10. You may not under any circumstance ask the client to hire you with which you were placed by Majestic Industries Inc with out notifying Majestic Industries Inc. first, if the client wants hire you, you must ask the client to call us or you the employee may ask us to call the client and we will make the arrangements.
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